We bring over 15 years of experience in Information Technology; we have performed consulting services for internationally known companies including IBM, HP, Cisco and Dell. The Services listed below are proven methodology that can be modified to meet any customers business needs.

Application Packaging

  1. Application Packaging
  2. Application Packaging Requirements Gathering Expert
  3. Application User Acceptance Test ( UAT) Facilitation Expert


  1. Windows 7 Readiness Assessment
  2. Windows 7 DDPS Analysis

Flexible Computing & thin Client Solution

  1. Citrix Xen Desktop
  2. Citrix Xen Application Implementation, Management, and Scalability testing
  3. Wyse Terminal and Dell FX160 implementation and management


  1. VMware VDI proof of concept assessment
  2. VMware VDI Implementation
  3. Citrix Xen Server
  4. Citrix On Demand Desktop Streaming (O.D.D.S) Implementation
  5. Microsoft Hyper-V Implementation.

Cloud Computing

  1. Private cloud computing environment Consulting services and implementation
  2. Private Cloud Computing Application Management and Implementation
  3. Website Web Services


Remote Office Management for Small Business

  1. Office Mail Management Solution
  2. Office Storage Management Solution
  3. Web Filtering and Management Solution

Management and Monitoring Solutions

  1. Datacenter Server Monitoring Management and Implementation
  2. Remote View

Web Design

  1. Web Hosting
  2. Web Development
  3. Website Support